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My name is John Macsmith. My wife and I purchased a property at Trafalgar Square Nelson in February 2019 and began planning an extensive renovation which would change the property completely.

We have significant experience in renovations having renovated 10 properties in 3 different countries over 20 years. These properties have all been properties we have lived in so we are very particular about the quality of the work in particular the finishing.

This renovation comprised complete gutting and re building of 2 bathrooms, demolition and rebuilding of the kitchen, removal of walls, removal of some windows and general upgrades of the house.

When we met with Nathan we explained the importance of communication as we would be overseas for the duration of the project. His communication was excellent, both timely and detailed. Nathan’s role was significant as he was responsible for the bathrooms and kitchen.

We are now in residence and give this testimonial having had time to appreciate his work and identify any defects. The standard of work carried out by Nathan is outstanding from the visual effect to the smallest detail.

We have no hesitation in recommending Nathan and would be happy to confirm this testimonial verbally.

John Macsmith